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Rich Cast of Characters 

presents a special collection - “KAT”, a limited work that indulges in fine handcraft, pushing beyond the boundaries of the studio’s production pieces, only available to order for a limited time.


Inspired by the iconic Cat Woman suit, Sonia Piyaphan Boonphen, our creative director, imagined shoes that were constructed from different pieces of leather and stitched together in an unconventional way.  “I love the idea that the chaotic Cat Woman suit was made from pieces of leather in different shapes and sizes, casually put together. When you apply this method to shoes you break all the rules of shoe patterns and, crafting new shoes out of this chaos, makes one of the most beautiful creations we have ever made”. Sonia also found the character of Selina Kyle interesting. “When I think of the femme fatale character, Michelle Pfeiffer’s Cat Woman is always the first one that comes to mind. Beautiful, sexy, intelligent, strong but unpredictable, it is everything that I wanted to incorporate in this special collection”.


The “KAT” series are all handcrafted in Thailand. 



(30 November is the last day to order, we will not produce them again)

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