Max Earnst’s “A Friends reunion”

‘Rich cast of characters’ is a footwear brand label demonstrating a

laid-back elegance aesthetic. Founded and led by Bandit Rassameeroj 

and Sonia Piyaphan Boonphen.They are combining their vastly different

aesthetics to push the boundaries of specialty footwear.

‘Rich cast of characters’ is a combination of masterfully handcrafted,

eclectic use of materials, and a wonderful interplay of tasteful idea.

Speaking on the brand beginning starts from Bandit, creative director/

musician, looking for shoes to wear during performance with
his band. Without any perfect fit, he then starts to design his own shoes

and develop to make sure that the shoes has that high-end fit.


Bandit has amassed an impressive resume of fashion industry experience.

He has been working as a menswear designer for decades in Thailand’s

renowned fashion house. Bandit’s years of experience have resulted in

his strength in material selections, tailoring and with his passion in shoe’s

craftsmanship creates sought-after luxury footwear with cutting edge are.


Sonia’s eye for aesthetic, curiosity to newness comes from the background

in Branding & creative direction, graduated from Ravensbourne college of

Arts and design in London. Her interest in music, Interior Design,

contemporary culture influences the art direction of the brand.

As her main interest is in the intellectual individuals, turning into

the brand’s name.


Rich cast of characters is inspired from Max Earnst’s “A Friends reunion”

painting, the art piece they found at Ludwig Museum in Cologne.

A portrait of Max Earnst’s fellow artists exhibits the concept of unique

individuals with rich personalities become the name of the brand.

Despite two distinctive aesthetics, they were united in their vision of

Rich cast of characters. Their motto’s is to grow slowly and carefully. 

Rich Cast of Characters's shoes label inspired by

 Max Earnst "A Friends reunion" painting.